*Instagram Feature*


As many people may know, Instagram hosts the bulk of our social media presence. (sorry Facebook). Our instagram page is rapidly growing, and has gained over 50,000 active and engaged followers since January 1, 2017.

To maintain this growth, we rely on a steady stream of content for our followers to engage in. As a result, we have opened to the doors to you, our customers 

We are currently opening a new offer to ALL of our customers who choose to participate.

Customers may submit any media of themselves in our clothing for the opportunity to have up to 100% of their order refunded. If we deem your submission as a good fit and suitable to the theme of our page, we will post it and refund 100% of the product which gained the feature on our page.

**BONUS** - If your submission is posted and hits the explore page, (very high amount of reach and engagement) we will reward you with a 100$ store credit and refund your ENTIRE purchase with us. Your order will also be sent via DHL Express and be at your doorstep in 3-5 days.

It is important to note, that while appreciated, we cannot post every single submission. We are looking for the following characteristics to fit our feed.

  •  QUALITY  - The photo must be high definition. iI cannot be grainy, it must be posted in a well lit environment which comfortably can show you and the product which is being featured. Unfortunately, photos which are blurry, or not well lit will not be featured.
  • SIMPLICITY - Our page has a very simple theme to it with little distractions to the eyes. Our influencers and customers which have been featured on our page have shown maintained ability to create simplistic, quality media.
  • COLOR SCHEME: We generally like to keep our page in cooler colors. A touch of blue or cool white lighting photos fit the best and our followers engage the most in this style of content. 
  • OPTIONAL: DIRECT PRODUCT PHOTOS - It has been proven numerous times on our page that our followers engage the most in photos directly of the product. High quality images showing our flattering legging designs have historically gotten the most engagement and therefore, the creator of the image had gained many followers from their submission on our page.

To view our instagram page, you can click here

For media submissions, please email us here. Please submit your name and profile information with your photo. If your submission is accepted, it will be posted within 7 business days and you will be tagged and mentioned on our page. Alternatively, you may send us a DM and get in touch with our marketing department directly on our page. 

Unfortunately, if you have a private account, your submission will not be posted.

If you have any other questions, please contact us!

We are looking forward to working with you.