Shipping Policy



Important: Please note that shipping times vary depending on geographical location, time of year, and current order volume. During peak periods processing times may run longer than expected and orders are dealt with in priority sequence. You will receive your tracking number via email when the order leaves our facility - this does not mean the postal service has processed it and the tracking number may not yet show export data at this point.

Orders are processed on business days (Mon-Friday)

 NOTE: We are using a service called 'Aftership' to handle our customer correspondence relating to shipping. This service sends information about your tracking to your email as it receives updates from the carrier. For any directly related location inquiries, please contact the carrier listed on your email correspondence from Aftership.

You can track your order with this service by inputting your tracking number here. If you have not received an email from aftership, it has likely been routed to your spam folder. If you wish to make any changes to your order or contact/shipping information, please contact us prior to the shipping date. We cannot change an order once it has been exported.

Please do not contact us with shipping concerns if you have not received your package inside of these standard ranges. Once you have received your tracking number, you may use these values below as guidelines to determine your expected arrival timeframe.

Our shipping provider has been diligent in getting our orders to our customers in a timely fashion. We assume orders are lost if the tracking information has not posted an update after 30 business days from the export date shown on the tracking information.

Fitstar is not the shipping carrier. We have limited control over deliveries after export from our facility. We are not responsible for failed deliveries due to incorrect address provided. Addresses are transferred to the carrier electronically directly from the input on our website. Deliveries returned to sender due to undeliverable or incorrect addressing are subject to a 10$ restocking/reshipping fee.

After the items have left our hands - we advise to contact the carrier listed on the tracking information for all direct delivery related inquiries. The carrier is directly responsible for the delivery, and, as a privacy precaution, will ask for the individual whose name is listed on the shipping label as a person of contact in the event of a problem. Our sales team cannot contact the carrier on behalf of the customer after it has left our facility due to these policies.

Once an item has been scanned as delivered (tracking information shows a delivery), it is up to the customer to claim the package from the mailbox, doorstep or post office. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items past this point. If you have not received your package the the package has been marked delivered to the address you have provided us, it is your responsibility to contact the carrier and sort out the delivery. 


Shipping Options:

Standard: Our standard economy shipping service. Most of the time the carrier will be the specific postal carrier to the Country, excluding a few counties. To view the carrier affiliated with your delivery, please check your tracking information from your shipping confirmation email by clicking the blue 'View My Order' button and then clicking on the tracking number. This shipping method is not insured, and unfortunately Fitstar cannot be held liable for a lost or damaged package. However, as our policy states, if the items are not delivered within 30 days business days from the export date, the order will be refunded or reshipped at no cost to you.

Express: We offer to ship any order express via DHL to most locations. In locations where DHL is unavailable, we will use the next available express courier. This order is automatically considered insured and Fitstar is held liable tor any errors or faults which may occur in the delivery process. This option is available at checkout for $29.99 USD.

 We stand by our customer service . If you have any inquiries and contact us by email or DM and we do not respond within 48 hours, we will cover the charges of your order.

  • Please make sure the check your spam folder settings to keep our responses out of your spam inbox.



Times are listed in business (working) days from the EXPORT date as listed on your tracking information. These times do not include processing times prior to shipping the order.  These times are estimates only and do not account for postal delays, weather, customs problems or holidays. These estimated are valid for our Standard Shipping option ONLY. We advise a general average delivery time for most locations to be 7-15 business days from the date of export.

  • USA:  2-15 DAYS (Location dependent)
  • CANADA 3-15+ DAYS (Canadian customs tend to hold some of our orders at random, this is explains the wide variance in shipping times.)
  • UK: 5-10 DAYS
  • AUSTRALIA  - 5-10 Days
  • EU- 7-14 DAYS
  • AFRICA- 20-30+ DAYS - Due to very strict customs protocols, standard shipments to South Africa tend to take longer than average. We strongly recommend using an expedited shipping method to avoid this problem.
  • SOUTH AMERICA - 15-30+ DAYS - Due to very strict customs protocols, standard shipments to Argentina, Chile & Brazil tend to take longer than average. We strongly recommend using an expedited shipping method to avoid this problem.
  • MIDDLE EAST - 10-16 DAYS  Note: Non express deliveries to UAE will be shipped to the post office closest to the address provided. Please monitor your tracking information for details.

Express deliveries are given a general estimate of 2-5 business days worldwide.



PAYMENT PROCESSING: Order is placed on our page. Once your information is submitted it goes through multiple security checkpoints and your information is verified against any fraudulent/suspicious activity. Fraudulent attempts will be blacklisted from ordering from our store.

Once payment is processed, order processing begins.

Time: Instant - 1 Day


 ORDER PROCESSING: Your order is sent to one of our facilities and packaged. A shipping label is printed and attached to your order. Once this step is complete, your order is picked up by our postal service.

Time: 1-3+ Days (Seasonal and product dependant)


 IN TRANSIT: At this stage, your order is now out of our hands and in the realm of the postal service. Tracking updates from the postal service once they have it registered and in transit. You will now see information on your tracking number.

Time: 1-6 Days


OUT FOR DELIVERY:  Your package is now on its way to its final destination and will soon be out for delivery at your local mail sorting warehouse. Keep in mind the tracking numbers are not updated in real time and may not reflect the current location of your order. 

Time: 1-15 Days


Please note the above listed timelines are estimates designed to give you a rough idea of how our shipping process is co-ordinated, and all orders have subjective delivery times based on geographical location. 

Our products are not all located in the same warehouses. This means that some of your products (if you ordered more than one item) will arrive sooner than others. Please be patient and wait for your order to arrive. 

Note that by placing an order on our website and submitting payment means you agree to this policy.


We stand by our customer service . If you have any inquiries please contact us.

If you have any further questions, please drop us a line at